Got something to say? Do something about it

Stand with the Trans Community

Some resources on why it's so important to raise awareness of trans rights in the UK right now. By educating ourselves, we can better stand with the LGBTQ+ community.

Good space for hire

One of the best ways you can support a social enterprise is to help them become self-sustaining by paying for their services. A simple way to do so is with venue hire. Here’s a list of just a few of the excellent organisations you can help out by paying to use their spaces.

Help rewrite history

Mainstream accounts of history can get a little bit repetitive after a while.... Don't just moan about how we only ever hear one side of the story; there's plenty of ways you can help celebrate the people who, for various reasons, may not have made it onto the pages of history first time round.

Watch and learn

Here are some films you can watch, or better yet screen, that will help spread the word about a cause that's important to you.

Save a green space you love

If you’re trying to protect a garden, a park or an outdoor space from being redeveloped, sold or destroyed, you might want to check out this list of people who thought outside the box to save a space that mattered to them.

Generate some real voter power

Hashtags are all good but in this age of social media and online campaigning, we need a bit of inspiration to get people back out on the streets and into the polling booth. These people have sussed out how to convince people to act up and earn those hashtags….

A ticket to more than just a hangover

There are so many great ways to spend your free time that don't involve putting more cash into the hands of corporate event bigwigs. If it feels like you’re always seeing the same old faces in the same old cultural places…. you need to get yourself to one of these independent events. These festivals are all about encouraging you to hear new stories, meeting new people and supporting exciting, independent artists.

Hell no GMO

There are so many ways to make good choices about what you eat that can help support the producers, farmers, businesses and organisations who *aren't* trying to break the food chain.

Harnessing the Power of Print

Here are some brilliant collectives producing their own print material to spread messages, empower creatives and cut out the middle-man….

Make your point

Tired of crafting for craft’s sake? Here’s a list of things you can make to make a point, support a cause or roll your sleeves up to offer a helping hand.


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