Because when it works, it just works.


Going by recent news stories about political voting, climate change, the economy and global/local conflicts; we’d be forgiven for feeling a bit defeatist about our possible role in helping to make any of it even slightly better.

While authorities, organisations, think tanks and institutions pump money into community-led policies and research to help bridge social and cultural gaps, to encourage more sustainable ways of life, or to build community cohesion….

… many people around the world are already on the ground, rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the job of making things work better for themselves and the people around them, operating with limited time, means and funding.

If we connect the dots between these projects, their actions and the people involved, we start to see the huge value of small change; and maybe we’ll be more likely to make our own connections and act up for something we believe in.

If we’re to truly believe that our individual actions can help bridge huge gaps and fix the planet; we’re going to need a little bit of information, some inspiration, and a big dose of optimism.


When it works is an elaborate late night pub rant from me, Cam Jarvis. I’ve worked in the creative industries in some capacity for 10 years; first as a designer, then a consultant, and now in the arts. Throughout, I have researched and written about what I call “everyday people power”, either for my own work, or in carrying out research for others.

The projects that excited me most are the ones where people look inwards, work together and do something creative or disruptive in order to solve a problem or make life a little better for themselves and the people around them.

For 5 years I’ve helped run an arts project-turned social enterprise in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham; and since becoming the day-to-day contact for said project, I’ve become aware that my role often falls into the widely recognised category of community engagement (a term I’m keen to distance myself from using or being associated with).

As I always say, when it works it works; and this website is my way of recognising that action is always the best way to get something done or make a point. I’m hoping that by connecting people and the things they believe in to simple, fun, (sometimes disruptive) actions; and by signposting to projects and ideas which can be supported or replicated; I can provide enough information to encourage just a little bit of collective acting up.





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