Generate some real voter power

Hashtags are all good but in this age of social media and online campaigning, we need a bit of inspiration to get people back out on the streets and into the polling booth. These people have sussed out how to convince people to act up and earn those hashtags….


Keep It Complex

Giving you “easy things to do in a difficult world”: Keep It Complex is a collaborative and evolving organisation which confronts political issues through ideas and action. It’s about using art to have conversations with people you don’t usually talk to. They work collaboratively to run events, curate workshops, facilitate discussions and create campaign materials. One of their strands of activities you can easily get involved in are the Digesting Politics Lunches, where you bring together a diverse group of people to discuss various political issues over the one thing we can all agree on: LOVING FOOD.



Bite the ballot

Bite The Ballot is an international social enterprise that specialises in civic and community engagement. The charity has grown from an idea in a classroom, to a grassroots campaign, rallying young people in youth centres and online, to coordinating world-record breaking campaigns, changing laws and rebranding politics among young and socially-excluded communities. In 2017, they started their commercial entity, which replicates their work globally to help fund the charitable arm; but they continue to produce on-the-ground campaigns and activities; inviting young people’s to engage in British politics. Being party neutral means they can meet young people in spaces where they feel comfortable, on their terms; to debate the issues that matter most to them, whatever their political leanings.




[more to come, please get in touch if you know of a project you’d like to see featured on this list]

*when it works smallprint. These lists will be regularly updated. If I find a project that I think has a really nice idea behind it, I’ll share it. If I later find out something really icky out about said project, I’ll take it down if I think it’s not worth sharing anymore.