Email your MP to demand a ceasefire now!

This information comes from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign template entitled:

Email your MP to demand a ceasefire now! link


Ahead of tomorrow’s crucial vote in parliament, if you are having trouble accessing the PSC weblink/form to write to your MP (by 15.11.23) please follow these two simple steps….




Find your MP and their email address here




Write them an email along these lines… make sure you try to edit the subject, some email text, and add any personal touches that will help keep your email out of spam filters.


Dear XXX,

As your constituent, I am asking you to make a public statement calling for an immediate ceasefire, and a complete end to the siege on Gaza, so sufficient humanitarian supplies can reach the population in vital need.

Since 7th October 2023, Israel’s ongoing bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip has killed over 8,000 Palestinians – and over 40% of them have been children. Over a million people have been forcibly displaced, nearly half of Gaza’s entire population. Nowhere in Gaza is safe. Residential buildings have been levelled, UNRWA schools sheltering the displaced have been hit and fuel is running out, leaving overwhelmed hospitals collapsing and unable to treat those injured.

In grave violation of international law, Israel has placed Gaza under a total siege, cutting off electricity, fuel, water, and food. 

And things are going to get worse, as Israel has further intensified its bombardment, and confirmed it is planning to go even further and launch a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.  

International scholars and Palestinian human rights organisations are warning of the possibility of genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Urgent action is needed to deter and prevent the crime of genocide and stop further catastrophic loss of life. As Palestinian civil society has outlined, inaction at the crime of genocide “will incur legal consequences and risks and undermine the integrity and credibility of international law.” 

In the past three weeks, over half a million people have taken to UK streets demanding de-escalation, with 76% of the public backing an immediate ceasefire. It’s been heartening to see lots of MPs visibly showing support. As an MP, you have the power to put pressure on our government to prevent the deaths of more people – your action on this couldn’t be more urgent. The only way to stop the further deterioration of the situation is through a ceasefire, enforced and guaranteed by the UN. 

As your constituent, I am asking for you to call on the government to take steps to deescalate, including revoking all licences for the export of weapons and military technology to Israel. More weapons will only mean more suffering.   

Thousands of lives depend on politicians acting now – and I hope I can count on you to act now and help prevent a further catastrophic loss of life.  

Kind regards