Hell no GMO

There are so many ways to make good choices about what you eat that can help support the producers, farmers, businesses and organisations who *aren’t* trying to break the food chain.



SeedsShare is a project set up by its Founder Esiah Levy in December 2016 to provide organic seeds which can be sown to produce free food and provide in the long term food security for Individuals or Community gardening groups in areas which organic fresh produce is at a minimum, Seeds have been sent to countries including Japan, Canada, Peru, Indonesia, France, America, the Netherlands and more. All you have to do to receive your batch of seeds is to provide an address and spread the word of the project and the importance of natural diversity in the foods we eat.



Company Drinks*

An art project in the shape of a drinks company. This project links the history of East Londoners ‘going hop picking’ in Kent to the formation of a new community enterprise, bringing people of all ages together to pick, process and produce drinks in east London today. The production cycle is a year-round programme of growing, picking, processing, branding, bottling, trading and reinvesting; producing syrups, sodas, saps, tonics, ciders, pops and beers.




[more to come, please get in touch if you know of a project you’d like to see featured on this list]

*full disclosure – I am one of the project leaders of Company Drinks

**when it works smallprint. These lists will be regularly updated. If I find a project that I think has a really nice idea behind it, I’ll share it. If I later find out something really icky out about said project, I’ll take it down if I think it’s not worth sharing anymore.