Harnessing the Power of Print

Here are some brilliant collectives producing their own print material to spread messages, empower creatives and cut out the middle-man…. [Taken from the OOMK manifesto] Quoting John La Rose “Publishing is a vehicle to an independent validation to one’s own culture, history, politics and sense of self”.


Feminist Print Network

The Feminist Print Network has formed over the last year through conversations with people from around the UK involved with self-publishing, archives and community initiatives. They’re looking to forge links with existing community groups, public archives and individual creative practitioners at all levels to open up the process of the group’s development. Since they opened their general survey in November 2017, they have begun holding public meetings and consultations to discuss how to take observations and suggestions forward collectively.





One of My Kind (OOMK) is a collaborative publishing practice led by Rose Nordin, Sofia Niazi and Heiba Lamara. Working together since 2014, they make, publish and distribute books and printed works which arise from self-initiated projects. They also commission new works by women artists and co-curate DIY Cultures, one of the UK’s largest annual independent publishing fairs.




[more to come, please get in touch if you know of a project you’d like to see featured on this list]

*when it works smallprint. These lists will be regularly updated. If I find a project that I think has a really nice idea behind it, I’ll share it. If I later find out something really icky out about said project, I’ll take it down if I think it’s not worth sharing anymore.