Make your point

Tired of crafting for craft’s sake? Here’s a list of things you can make to make a point, support a cause or roll your sleeves up to offer a helping hand.


The Pussy Hat

“Be seen to be heard”:  The knitted Pussy Hat at the Women’s March of 2017 was a brilliant way of ensuring that there was no way photos of the crowds would be used to represent anything other than a march for equality. Making the hats provided people who could not physically be on the National Mall on the day a way to represent themselves and support women’s rights. Find the knitting pattern and instructions at the link below.





[more to come, please get in touch if you know of a project you’d like to see featured on this list]

*when it works smallprint. These lists will be regularly updated. If I find a project that I think has a really nice idea behind it, I’ll share it. If I later find out something really icky out about said project, I’ll take it down if I think it’s not worth sharing anymore.